Our Missionaries

Only in reproducing itself does a church justify its existence. Since the inception of our church, our goal has been to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. 

We are so pleased to partner with the following missionaries, our heroes of the faith who have left all to follow Christ to the ends of the earth to take His message of salvation to all peoples. 

We would ask that, as you view this page, you would take a moment to bring these missionaries before God’s throne in prayer. Please pray for their safety, effectiveness, needs and desires for the gospel’s sake. Also, should the Lord lay on your heart the financial needs and burdens of these servants, you may do so through our church. Thank you!

Canada:  Phil & Lori C.

Columbia: Ali Alexander

El Salvador:  Herbert & Rosalia Breucop

Ecuador: Jamie Newell

Missionaries at Large:  Kent & Christy LaBouve

United States: 
*Anchor Retreat for Missionaries & Pastors – HL & Linda Goodman  
*Nebraska BBF – Home Missions

*Tarl & Adrienne Reeves
*Justin Rhoades

Restricted Access Nation:
*Winston & Ruth Ann Kumar
*Anantha & Lalitha Kumar
*Tom & Ivy Harper

*Benjamin & Riz Amar
*Arvin & Sheryl Tago
*Oliver & Rachel Alvarez
*Bryan & Elvie Reboldera
*Joey Cosme
*JR Tolentino
*Prudencio Canda
*Greg & LuAnn Lyons
*Jesher Cabatac 
*Ralph Sarzaba

S. Sudan: James and Lyndsay Ellis

Romania: Tim & Debra Tyler

Australia: Chris & Sonya Goodman

Zambia: Charles & Maria Rouch

Medical Missions: Rebecca Pope

Bolivia: Jeff & Sandra Price 

Wales: Richie & Missy Orrick

Honduras: Eric Woodworth Family 

Global Surge – Thailand: Jon & Camille Wuthnow

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